Focused on moving forward!!!

I am currently focused full time on finishing Cosmetology School, so we aren’t currently taking orders through the web site. But my dad is doing rocks for his students and campus organizations that focus on mental health awareness, and we are doing a few onsite events. So, if you have an event coming up, or just need a few rocks for yourself and/or friends… drop us an email at myrockandi(at)gmail(dot)com.

What’s Engraved on the Rocks?

Here are some of our most popular rocks. But please know that we can put ANYTHING you want on them. PLEASE understand that these rocks are extremely difficult to photograph because they are so shiny. We have chosen to use lower quality (taken by us with our phones) instead of hiring a professional photographer because every dollar we spend on photography is a dollar we can’t spend donating rocks to people who need them.

Purple MyRockAndI worry stone with a semi colon engraved on it

The Semi Colon is a symbol for suicide prevention and awareness. It says that the author could have ended the sentence, but instead chose to pause; then continue to story.

Purple oval MyRockAndI worry stone with Elipses (Dot dot dots) engraved on it

Elipses (we call them dot dot dots) indicate that something continues. Some use them as reminders to just keep going, you aren’t alone, you are worthy, etc. Every person is different, so it means something different to each person.

Purple oval MyRockAndI worry stone with Breathe engraved on it

Breathe is sometimes the one thing we forget to do when we are stressed and overwhelmed. This rock is just a reminder to take a moment to focus on breathing and relax.

Green MyRockAndI worry stone with christmas date engraved on it

Dates are important to so many people because they mark changes in our lives. We have made rocks for wedding dates, anniversaries, birthdays, and even angel wing days.

Green MyRockAndI worry stone with Jessie name engraved on it

Names One of the most intimate things we can hear is the sound of our name. The names of loved ones and those we respect can remind us of them and let us draw on their strength even when they aren’t physically here with us.

Blue MyRockAndI worry stone with a rose flower engraved on it

Flowers remind us that sometimes the most beautiful things in life are fragile. Having one on a rock reminds us that we ARE beautiful, but we aren’t as fragile as people might think… We should love ourselves.

Green oval MyRockAndI worry stone with Warrior engraved on it

Promotions are one of the most important things a business can do. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or do a traveling roadshow, you can use these rocks to increase awareness among your customers.

Customized rocks are our specialty. If it will fit on a rock, we will put it on a rock! So let your imagination run wild, and let us know what you want on YOUR rock!!!

These rocks make great gifts for fiancees (upcoming wedding dates), spouses (anniversary dates), parents or grandparents (children’s birthdays and/or names), college students (reminders of home), friends (reminders of connections), and people you know that are struggling (messages of encouragement). They also make great thank you gifts for donors/sponsors, and can be sold as fundraisers for civic organizations, sports teams, or anyone trying to raise money.

And for every rock you buy, we will donate one to a deserving non-profit that focuses on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

So, click on SHOP, pick out the shape and color of your rock, and fill in what you want engraved on it. Add that to the cart… and do it again and again and again. They are only a buck apiece right now, but that price won’t last forever!!!