What Is A Worry Stone?

Worry stones (also sometimes known as palm stones or thumb stones) have been around for thousands of years and are often held in the fingers and rubbed with the thumb as a tool to help relax and relieve stress. They come in many different sizes, shapes and materials and some of the ones you see these days are even made of precious materials or “powerful” crystals. While most worry stones are smooth and polished, we do something very different with ours. We engrave reminders and words of encouragement into our smooth polished glass rocks so that when you rub your finger or thumb over them, you can FEEL the words and meaning.

Worry Stones
Various worry stones with inspirational engraving.

Jessie lost a dear friend to suicide, and has had to deal with that loss while fighting her own battle with depression and anxiety. So we started this project in an effort to increase awareness about mental (and physical) health issues and hopefully help those who are struggling in their daily walk by reminding them that they are beautiful just as they are, they are worthy, and most of all… they are loved. Thanks to some very generous early adopters through KickStarter, we have been able to make and donate over 2,000 rocks to non-profit organizations like The National Alliance on Mental Illness, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Texas Children’s Hospital, The Joy Bus, Find Your Anchor Box, Veteran’s organizations and local high school / college campuses.

Worry Stone Rock Star
Clear star MyRockAndI worry stone engraved with Rock Star

Some people carry our rocks in their pockets, purses or backpacks so that they will always be handy, others put them on their night stand to remind them of things every night when they go to bed and every morning when they wake up, and others put them everywhere so that they will be reminded and strengthened whenever they stumble on one of them later.